An integral part of the Festival activity each year is its education work. In recent years the Festival has offered much musical interaction with local school children. The festival has included large-scale schools concerts at the Theatre Royal in Winchester, attended by hundreds of local school children, and other years groups of musicians going into individual schools to give more interactive sessions fitting into the school curriculum and really inspiring the children.

In 2021 we are planning two specially designed, interactive concerts in local primary schools for KS1 school pupils to be given by Festival artists. In response to the pandemic this year we will also be creating a specially recorded video introducing KS2 schoolchildren to the concept of string quartets. The performances will be recorded specially for the video by the Festival artists and the music will be presented and carefully edited by Festival education co-ordinator, Sam Glazer, to make it as interactive and engaging as possible. This film will be sent out to all primary schools in Hampshire accompanied by a resource pack for teachers with ideas for follow-up creative activities and a further playlist including some of the artists’ recordings. We will invite all participating schools to submit children’s artworks so that we can share them on our website and on social media.

This year we are looking to benefit thousands of schoolchildren who have suffered through lack of musical interaction through the lockdown period. We will continue to bring live music into schools in Winchester through the two schools workshops, but by creating this additional video resource we will also be addressing the need for new material to be made available to many more schoolchildren throughout the county as we continue in our semi locked-down state. The beauty of this online video is that it can be used at times to suit the classes in question, can be used at their own speed, interspersed with the additional information pack. Their teachers can decide how the material will work best for their classes and when it would fit in best with their lessons.

If you would like to hear more about our education work, receive the film link and additional material pack, or support what we do, please contact